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Quite simply the tyres are the piece of kit that connect your car to the road, safety, performance, economy and road noise are some of the factors we will advise on.

Our prices are competitive but it is our service and knowledge that makes us stand out from the rest.


The minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm, however most motoring organisations recommend changing at 2mm and the majority of tyre manufacturers recommend changing at 3mm

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Did you know that your tyres come with a raised bar between the tread, this gives you an indication of the wear and life left in the tyre. When it gets down to this bar the grip in the wet will be poor and it is time to replace them.

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Old tyres may appear to have loads of tread and life left in them but the rubber is starting to break down and may have cracks that can cause serious problems - time to replace them

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Any tyres that have been replaced (Replacement, service, remedial work) should be  checked by us after approximately 20 miles, and, if necessary, retorqued to the same values as before.

We will check this with no cost to you

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Specialist stockists for the full range of Michelin tyres. Contact us for prices and orders. See the Michelin page here

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