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Puncture repair for car tyres

Screw hole in a tyre.JPG

A punctured car tyre can be so frustrating and potentially expensive. Many car tyre punctures can be repaired and this page shows you how this is done and how you can trust the repair carried out.

Not all tyres can be repaired, "run flat" tyres for example can never be repaired because of their structure. Our puncture repairs reflect the British standard (BSAU159). This standard determines if a repair can be carried out, we are only able to carry out tyre repairs to the central ¾ of the tyre. Any puncture that is located outside of this area, even in the case of a slow puncture, is classified too close to the sidewall. The sidewall is where there is considerable structure and has to carry a lot of force created when driving.

If in doubt please bring it in and we will let you know.

Car puncture repairs

This tyre is from a 4 x 4, a week after fitting a new tyre the owner had a large screw that penetrated the tyre. Fearing a new tyre was required there was relief that the tyre was repaired for under £20. Firstly we take the tyre off the wheel to check the location and possible internal damage.

Screw penetrated through.JPG

We check that the location is correct for a safe minor repair and then create a smooth surface for the tyre repair

Create a smooth surface.JPG

All the debris is removed and further examination for any damage that could cause problems.

Surface prepared.JPG

The surface is coated with a special bonding substrate and the repair plug is inserted through the hole in the car tyre.

Puncture repair plug.JPG

This plug is then pulled through the hole and far as possible - this blocks the hole and creates a seal on the inside

Plug through the other side.JPG

The excess is cut off from the outer wall and the seal is pressed down on the interior.

Inside the plug is glued to the tyre.JPG

The backing is removed from the plug and the repair is checked before receiving a final bonding compound to seal the inner wall of the car tyre

The repair is sealed .JPG
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