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Mechanical Problems

Full vehicle diagnostics allow us to identify problems with your vehicle and our experienced, professional team can provide the solution 
Modern cars have complex vehicle management systems which at times appear to create a more bewildering problem when things go wrong. Our technical systems assist in unravelling the issues and help return your vehicle in full working condition. 
On board most modern engines is a computerised control system that, very much like a computer at home,  it will analyse the vehicles performance and log anything that is not quite right. This system generates error codes which help to diagnose problems. As a driver sometimes the first thing you notice will be an engine warning light coming on, these can be triggered by many, many things. The diagnostic equipment allows the team to plug into the computer on your car and see what the computer is registering as faults. A full diagnostic check can take over 30 minutes, so cars would  need to be booked in.
Our diagnostic charges are calculated at £60 plus VAT an hour

Please call to book a diagnostic check.

Diagnostics at Dave Chapman
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