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Prolong the life of your car when serviced by professionals

Most of us rely on our vehicles to travel to and from work, take children to places like a family taxi service and travel to destinations we need to get to. A reliable vehicle is essential in everyday life. A professional service is more than a drop of new oil! See below for the service range that we offer.

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Premium Full Service
The full care package for your vehicle. You can be confident that we have checked over your vehicle from top to bottom with our premium service. A service is essential for maintaining all the moving parts, this reduces wear and in the long term saves you money by prolonging the life of many key components.
The Premium Full Service gives you the security that all vital parts such as suspension, steering, braking are checked and lubricated where necessary.
Naturally this includes quality engine oil, filters and spark plugs when needed. 
Please call for a price, not all vehicles need the same amount of oil, filters etc and have differing requirements - despite the highest quality of work our prices are very competitive.
Interim Service
The Interim Service is usually carried out 6 months or 6,000 miles from a Premium Full Service, this keeps your vehicle in tip top condition. Regular servicing by professionals help when you look to sell on your car,
Any vehicle that has been looked after well is likely to sell more quickly and for a higher price, and of course is likely to be more reliable for you whilst you are driving it.
The interim service takes less time than the premium option which reduces the cost. Call and speak to our team and they can provide you with a quote and recommend the level of service your vehicle needs. We see most of our customers year after year because they are delighted with the quality of work, service they receive and the prices we charge.
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Basic Service
This level of service provides the essential maintenance, with replacement of engine oil, filters, topping up fluids and checking all lighting, tyres and the horn.
A basic service helps prolong the life of the engine but does not provide the care and attention to the other moving parts such as suspension, steering, hinges and other moving parts.
A basic service is certainly better than no service, if you are trying to keep the bills down then this is certainly better than running a car without any service care.
Call today to discuss the service you need.
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