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Oh no more technology for cars!

Here's a new bit of tech that has gained instant admiration - Apple CarPlay.

These days we use our mobile phones on a daily, hourly basis and some can't put them down, and for good reason.

Mobile devices are the most connected, personalised piece of technology we own, so when we jump into a car, things can be a bit frustrating. Despite what car manufacturers say, vehicle entertainment and information systems just aren’t as familiar or intuitive as your own iPhone – and unless you’ve worked out how to sync the two, they won’t contain your personal information and data, either.

If you’ve got an iPhone, there already a way to do link it directly with your car: Apple CarPlay.

Apple CarPlay is a way of connecting your iPhone and everything it contains to your car’s infotainment screen. When Apple CarPlay is active, your car’s display will look a lot like your existing iPhone held on its side, and will show CarPlay compatible apps on your home screen, such as Spotify and WhatsApp.

And now the App market is developing so that, for example, you can use Google Maps directly through your car system.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing - time will tell

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