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No more discounts!

Time will soon pass on this one, remember when the KA was launched in 1996? Scary thing is, looking forward to the same timescale there will be no more petrol or diesel cars made.

That sounds crazy doesn't it?

Until now, people buying pure electric ‘Category 1’ cars have been able to claim up to £4,500 towards the cost, while grants for plug-in hybrids in ‘Categories 2 and 3’ reach up to £2,500.

But on 11 October, the Department for Transport revealed that the grant for Category 1 cars will be slashed by £1,000, while all Category 2 and 3 cars will be removed from the grant scheme completely.

The move comes despite the Government’s announcement earlier this year that it plans to ban the sale of all petrol and diesel cars in the UK from 2040.

I wonder what Shell, BP and others think of that!

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