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What's the best cheap dash cam on the market these days? 8 options under £50

We see so many dash cams on cars these days we thought you would find article on the top dash cams interesting. Read is on the Car Magazine earlier - for the full article click here

Quick Checklist for Choosing a Quality Dash Cam

  • HD Quality video (1080x1920)

  • High frame rate

  • Has ‘low light performance’ features (measured in ISO)

  • Ideally has a wide lens type (120-150 degrees)

  • High/wide dynamic range (good levels of contrast)

  • G-force sensor (most have this) when sensor is triggered it specifically saves that segment

Optional but useful features:

  • Audio

  • Ease of installation

  • Ease of access to footage (eg. phone apps)

  • GPS – tags the video at location

And one more thing... Keep your windscreen clean!

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