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More Brexit news - about car repairs

Another shocking story packed full of could, maybe and perhaps statements to generate a headline that read "1,000 car repair companies could close"

The article spoke about how the motor industry works on a "just in time" basis on the supply chain. This is true, we don't hold all parts here, it would be impossible. You bring your vehicle in for repair, we diagnose it and contact suppliers who have them delivered here.

It is claimed that Brexit will slow down this supply chain by a maximum of a day to import the items from Europe. That would be a day delay in the supply chain for a year because most people will adjust order schedules and stay ahead, if they haven't already. Plus not all parts come from Europe - China and Japan for example!

When I got to the end of the article which spoke of gloom and doom there was the little caveat that said that the scenario that we have created would affect a maximum of 3% of car repairs. Great reporting!

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