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Used car buying tips

Have you reached that point where you need to get another car?

Just because you want to replace your car doesn’t mean you have to go down the brand new, fresh out the packet route. In fact, unless it is for finance, there are few reasons to do so with so many used car options available

But what kind of quality can you get if your budget won’t stretch above £5,000?

£5,000 doesn't seem much money when it comes to cars, but it takes an awfully long time to save up that much. The good news is that there are still some great bargains to be had at this price or lower.

Keep an eye on number of owners as more than two previous owners can sometimes be problematic as it can suggest an ongoing problem with the car. People happy with their cars keep them for longer. Visit the .gov sites and look up the MOT history that tells you so much hidden information about a car.

As for what is the right mileage – the average person in this country drives 10-12,000 miles per year, so look for used cars that have done less than that compared to their age, and you will be more likely to find a bargain.

Search with an open mind and for £5,000 you can get you more car than you think.

With older cars it’s also paramount to find ones that have a full service history, a history full of MOT certificates, maintenance receipts and the correct V5C paperwork is also important. Any signs that the car has been looked after are useful to have.

Good luck in your search - our regular customers who have bought privately bring in their newly purchased cars for a safety once over and a heads up on anything that needs doing.

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