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Check your spare tyre today

"Check your spare tyre today" is the message we wish to get across. Don't get yourself stranded, the spare wheel will get you out of trouble and you never know where and when it may happen.

The picture shown here is from a regular customer who got caught out on a back road near Eyke in Suffolk. Changing a wheel is no issue for this customer, but the width of the road caused some issues and he knew that driving a two tonne vehicle on a flat would shred his tyre. Off course it was raining too just to make it a little more difficult.

This was his first roadside puncture since he got the car and he was left frustrated when getting spare out. The space saver tyre was deflated, the car came with a pump but the pump didn't work - stranded!

Please check your spare today - not just the tyre, does the spare wheel release properly, do you have a jack, are the tools there (do you need a working pump!) - even for those not confident to change a wheel themselves you need to check you have all you need should a good Samaritan pass by!

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