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Do I need Snow Tyres this winter

Having a set of snow tyres for winter is more common than you would think. The different compounds and structures provides greater safety and grip in the snow and ice. Mounted on the car for the worst weather the rest of the time they stack neatly in the garage as such they last for years.

We took a look at the long range weather forecast to see if we were likely to need more stock this year. Current long term forecasts are suggesting a warmer winter.

We know from Michael Fish back in 1987 the forecast is not always correct.

For your own safety please check your tyres regularly. Last month we had a customer in for an MOT - his tyres all looked a little worn but all had enough tread on them, on closer inspection all four had multiple stone cuts through to the cord - the chances of a the tyres deflating rapidly were incredibly high (high speed blow out).

If in doubt bring your car along and we can check the tyres for you.



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