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Electric cars - when will be the right time to get one?

With news from Shell this week that they are introducing over 500,000 electric vehicle charging points worldwide by 2025 and the ever rising interest in Tesla and NIO, when is the right time to buy an all electric plug in car?

The reality of life in Suffolk is that we don't have 4G yet, some places don't even have a mobile phone signal. So, in a County that doesn't get the same investment in its infrastructure as other areas, a commitment to all electric right now is quite a step to make in

This map shows the know EV charging points in a large part of Suffolk - 42 charging points in over 160 square miles. Let's compare this to a map showing one square mile in London...

In London this map shows 55 charging points in less than 1 square mile:

By the time the infrastructure is in place in Suffolk - probably amongst the last place in the UK to get it, there will be further developments of the NIO style battery replacement scheme and the introduction of hydrogen powered cars.

Right now a hybrid looks a better option for our region - if you are looking for electric.



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