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Improve your fuel consumption.

With fuel being so expensive you can improve the fuel consumption of your car by adjusting a few things, lets start with your tyres.

You could opt for a new set of tyres that have been designed with a focus on fuel efficiency. However if you don't need new tyres that would require a lot of miles before you saw a benefit from the cost of the new tyres.

The first thing that you should be checking is your tyre pressure. Tyres naturally lose air pressure, this can be as much as 2 psi a month. For every 10% drop in your tyre pressure you will use 2% more fuel.

Your cars weight will also impact on the fuel consumption, what's in your boot? We don't suggest that you ditch your spare tyre but are there things that you have in the boot that you are carrying around and don't need? The more weight you carry the more fuel you will be using.

How much do you use your air con? Using it more sparingly will save you fuel - and ensuring that it is gassed properly will ensure it is more efficient.

Is your car serviced regularly? A well maintained car with fresh filters runs more smoothly and is more fuel efficient.

The biggest saving - slow down and don't accelerate too quickly and you could get another 100 miles out of a tank of fuel!



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