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Is my Number Plate legal?

Car number plates – what right and wrong – number plates explained.

Did you know your car could be seized for having an illegal plate! Most times police will issue a “vehicle defect rectification notice” and you get 14 days to fix it and take it to be checked. Illegal, damaged and/or dirty plates could cause you to fail an MOT too.

Are my number plates legal?

We will look at the rule on plates from 1st January 1973. The latest plates have two letters which indicate the county the car originated from. The next two numbers relate to the year of registration. Then there is a 33mm gap which is followed by three random letters.

From 1st September 2001 the letter height should be 79mm, 50mm wide (excluding I and 1), Character stroke 14mm. Top bottom and side margins minimum 11mm and vertical space if across two lines 19mm. Plus the plates need to show the trademark of the plate manufacturer.

Front plates need to be white and rear yellow.

When you get plates made up you really should go to a officially recognised supplier who will ensure your new plates are legal.

Are dirty number plates illegal?

All the rules about fonts, sizes, spacing, colours, lighting are there to ensure that your number plates are legal. If your plate is dirty and the number plate is harder to read you could face a penalty. The fine is £100 on the spot, or up to £1,000 depending on the circumstances!



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