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New car - battery keeps getting low?

In one of JD Power annual Reliability Studies the results showed that technology-related issues – particularly with regard to complex infotainment, smartphone connectivity, and voice-recognition systems – are continuing to drag down many vehicles’ ratings.

The problem hasn’t been to do with the technology within the cars but the drain on the batteries. Where vehicles have not been driven far enough to recharge the batteries the demand for power from all the inbuilt technology is leaving batteries too low to function.

A frequent sign of the low battery is the sudden lighting of the dashboard with warning signs. The low electrical charge triggers sensors around the car giving false signs of problems.

What can you do to help your dying battery?

The obvious is to take the car for a longer drive once a week. That does seem a bit crazy having to drive for the sake of it!

If you have keyless entry ensure you keep your key away from where you park your vehicle otherwise it will keep communicating with your key.

An easy solution is to get a trickle charger and give the battery a boost every couple of weeks. If you are someone that has spend £40k on a new Range Rover I’m sure you will feel frustrated about this inconvenience – with the increase in the number of people suffering from these issues I’m sure the manufacturers will soon find a solution.



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