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When buying cheap “aftermarket” products can go wrong!

Being a service centre and MOT centre we see all sorts of vehicles coming through the workshop.

Some of the vehicles come through with, quite frankly, frightening modifications. The classic is the lowered suspension, dropping the car to the point where it catches on the tyres!.

The extreme modifications are normally linked to a specific age group. The changes are often on a budget using “aftermarket” products. There are good and bad aftermarket options. Generally they are cheaper because the manufacturers haven’t had to undertake lengthy product development work, they haven’t been tested to the same standard and are not made of the same quality materials.

Cheaper is rarely better.

A recent warning was announced regarding cheap charging cables for electric vehicles. Sold on international auction sites and the huge home delivery business in the UK.

The cheap charging cable was sold with a three pin plug on one end. Made in China for a worldwide market, the cables were rated at 16amp, which is common in many countries. In the UK our sockets are rated to 13amps.

This means that the cables can pull a higher current through it which melts the sockets with a high fire risk. Saved £30 on a cable but burnt the house down!

Unless you really research any DIY aftermarket purchases we suggest you come to us when you need work done!



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