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Your car is worth more than it was a year ago!

It's a crazy world when people pay more for a used car than they do for a new one because the new models are not available.

Car production in the UK fell 41.5 per cent in September 2021 which was the third consecutive month of decline . Only 67,169 cars came off the production lines during the month, compared with 114,732 in September 2020. This decline is caused by the global semiconductor shortage.

Autotrader reported :

"The average value of used motors listed on Auto Trader last month rose to £16,067, up from £13,829 in September 2020 - an increase of 21.4%. And it means some used models are now selling for higher prices than they cost new"

There has never been a better reason to ensure that you car has a full service history and that you are looking after it properly. Servicing prevents costly repairs and will keep your car on the road.



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